Evert Hammink Truck- and Trailerparts is founded in 1990. A different View of this business, split Evert Hammink from his Work.
Since 1971 worked he in this business, more than 40 years of experience, that is an big advantage.
In a short time, they bought a company facility at the "van weerden Poelmanweg". In 1990 they built the first part of the facility and in 1995 expanded 400m².
At year 2000 they built a second floor into that facility and in 2001 they increased the area at double size.
They built on the parking lot, so that there could be established a class room and a drivers room. In 2006 they built especially for Im- and Export a Warehouse with about 1000m².
In the beginning, started with 2 People, Ria and Evert Hammink, there are now 10 People working at Evert Hammink BV.

Evert Hammink Truck- and Trailerparts is a well kown Name in the Netherlands and Germany.
Worldwide Exhibition visits, brings us up to date in this business and we collect new connections to different Manufacturers in the whole wide World.
Germany, Italia, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Switzerland, England, America, Canada, Japan, Norway, Finland, Turkey, Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, New Zeeland, Serbia are the Countries where we get our parts.
But for sure, good connections to our customers are a good advantage. We hope to get the straight line further on.

Since February 2005 our company got an Onlineshop for Truckers. www.truckershop.nl