We guarantee that you will receive the products according to the agreed specifications. We also offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and service. This may vary from product to product. In case of business use, a warranty period of 1 year applies.

During a further agreed period after delivery, Truckershop gives the client a written warranty for material and manufacturing defects that may arise during normal use. Truckershop's warranty does not apply if defects are the result of improper use, of causes other than material and manufacturing defects, or if Truckershop, after consultation with the client, delivers used material or used goods. For all goods and materials that Truckershop does not manufacture itself, the guarantee is provided that is issued by the supplier itself. Warranty is only provided on materials supplied. Wage and working hours are charged separately from the materials supplied. The warranty conditions set by these suppliers apply to goods sold and delivered with a warranty from the factory, importer, or wholesaler.